Welcome to Blooming Late. My attempt to get with the modern world and blog about blooming creatively and becoming a professional writer at an age our youth obsessed culture would describe as ancient.

I completed my MA in Creative Writing at The University of Leicester in 2020 and was awarded a distinction. Novels are my jam, but you can find my shorter work in various literary magazines including: Cabinet of Heed, Ellipsis Zine, Mookychick & Ink Pantry,   I ghost-write professionally for Story Terrace and am a Lead Writer for Writing East Midlands, running workshops for young people. I’m also running two Arts Council funded community based writing projects in 2021, tackling loneliness and linking older and younger residents. My current writing project is a young adult cli-fi thriller called SpringTide.

My lovely kids and two loopy dogs (A Great Dane X and a St Bernard X) take up a lot of the rest of my time, plus I play keys and sing in original indie band, Yodaclub.

In my spare time (haha) I read a lot, watch films and interesting, subversive TV, do the occasional photoshoot for author friends and try not to get addicted to sugary coffee since cutting down on the vino… 🙂