Welcome to Blooming Late. My attempt to get with the modern world and blog about blooming creatively, personally and generally at an age that our youth obsessed culture  describes as pretty ancient.

I’m halfway through an MA in Creative Writing at The University of Leicester and am working on my second novel for young adults. The MA has got me submitting work, so you can find me in Ellipsiszine, Ink Pantry, Yours magazine & the local press. I’m also a freelance writer for Story Terrace, ghost-writing personal biographies.

My lovely kids and two loopy mastiffs take up a lot of the rest of my time plus I play keys and sing in indie band, Yodaclub.

In my spare time (haha) I read a lot, watch films and interesting, subversive TV, do the occasional photoshoot for author friends and try not to drink as much as I’d like… 🙂