Welcome to Blooming Late. My attempt to get with the modern world and blog about blooming creatively, personally and generally at an age that our youth obsessed culture  describes as pretty ancient.

I’m mum to two bookworm kids (10 & 12),  gig booker & social media fumbler for ‘Yodaclub’ who I also play keyboards for, have just finished my first middle grade novel and am currently going through the fun process of looking for a literary agent. I do the occasional photo shoot (behind the camera only!), walk our huge dogs (a lot) and try to keep everyone in clean pants.

Not feeling busy enough, I’ve just decided to do an M.A. in Creative writing at Leicester too.  Woo-hoo. Student discount!

In my spare time (haha) I read a lot, watch films and interesting, subversive TV, try (hopelessly) to rescue the garden from the mastiffs and try not to drink as much as I’d like to……:)